For an Instant Full UK Supplier Comparison & Switch click on the moneysupermarket box below 
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Or call me if you prefer to do a switch of not just your energy but also your Landline/broadband and mobile via the utility warehouse


Switching with me is easy, quick you will save anything from £100 to £500 some save over a thousand pounds per year. 

You will need ((NB these details will be on your last bill from your supplier or by logining into your existing suppliers online acct))

1) Name of your Supplier you could also find the Name of the Plan you are currently on but its not critical.

2) Usage for the last 12 months.... Split by how many Kwh you used for Gas and how many kwh you used on Electricity, NB if you have a day and night meter then how many kwh you use in the Day and again how many you used at night.

3) If you would prefer to input your usage in  £s you can do, but please make sure that both gas and electricity are split to individual.. NB please do not go by how much you pay by DD as this is another way to catch out customers.. You may be either in Credit or Debit to your existing supplier so your comparison will not match your usage. 

4) Either call me with this information or click on my link above for a virtually instant result. 

5) If your happy with the saving, then proceed with the next step, this is where you will switch fill in your home details, your bank details. You will be asked to  Confirm if you have a smart meter or not.

 Finally you will be asked Confirm your happy with the new prices, T&Cs and your done..

6) Text or call me with you switching ID the date you switched, and who too etc and i will then update your account, the reason for this is I will personally contact you before your new contract ends in an attempt to prevent you from ever going onto the high out of contract rates.

7) The two companies will do the rest for you.  One of them if not both will contact you either by post or  email with updates on yor switch... You will also probably be asked by one of them for a meter reading, this is to ensure that you old account is reconciled and closed quickly. The good news if your in credit when you switch then the switch will speed up any monies owed to you


The whole switch from one company to another usually happens within 14 to 21 days.