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SAMPLES                          POTS FOR LIFE

REFILLS                            ECO POTS

BUILD A BOX                     CREAM TINTS

BRUSHES                          SKIN CARE



All Earth Mineral Cosmetics was born out of the desire to bring together a cosmetic brand and skin care range that is simple to apply, natural to wear and versatile enough to create endless different looks.

We also ensure our brand takes responsibility for the welfare of the environment as well as animal welfare concerns.

Beautyhacker have formulated a daily beauty elixir with hydrolysed marine collagen. Nourishing you from the inside out, the formula will hydrate skin, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles & trigger new collagen product.

So far, we have cared for our skin from the outside with creams and serums. The reason for loose skin and the formation of wrinkles lies not on the skin’s surface, but in the deeper layers of the skin, as recent research shows.

Due to advanced technology, humans have discovered that the secret to beautiful skin is from the inside out. Put down those creams and serums, for truly out of this world skin you need to reach the deeper layers within. 


Collagen is a vital part of your DNA, and collagen is the best friend your skin, hair, nails, bones and joints has always had. Young and healthy skin contains up to 80% collagen.


I.ANKA-EO offer blends of organic essential oils for facial care. 

Their founding principles are

Organic, We only use Soil Association Certified Organic Ingredients

Simple, Each blend is made up of 10 ingredients or less

Testing, We only test on humans, testing on animals is cruel

Sustainable, All our packaging is recyclable and all our suppliers are UK based

Handmade, We believe that people should make products for people, especially if its going on your face

Kijani Living

Our Mission: ‘Green Living’ therefore provide every customer who looks for consciousness in cosmetics and who wants a healthy body and happy mind using natural and organic products.


From the best natural and organic brands to wellness lifestyle tips, our team of experts make living green inspiring, enjoyable and achievable.

Our Ethos: ‘Products that are safe for you, your family and your planet’

At Kijani we pride ourselves on offering the best natural and organic beauty, supplements and superfood products allowing our customers to live clean.


From the best natural and organics beauty brands to supplements and superfoods our team of experts are at your fingertips to help you live an inspiring and enjoyable life.

Original Organics


They have taken the time to ensure their range of bodycare products has been sourced ethically, sustainably and, where possible, organically.


Everything is made from natural ingredients, and most packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. Whether for your face or body, our range of organic health and beauty products will keep your skin in excellent condition. With everything from soaps and shower gels, to oils and creams, they have everything you could possibly need for your health and beauty regime.

Sally Beauty

Sally is the hair and beauty retailer with over 250 stores, and is open to both professional and non-professional customers.


They stock the widest range of hair and beauty products, and are staffed by true professionals trained to help you create a look that is ‘distinctly you’.


Sally express. com is our online brand and retail website. They stock over 5,000 products online, including many highly searched products not sold elsewhere. 


Their range covers a broad and exciting range in hair care and colour, nails, skincare and tanning, and the latest electrical equipment and accessories.


Sally customers benefit from next day delivery, which is free when you spend over £50.

Best Direct UK

Many of their products are seen on UK National TV!.


They specialise in bestselling consumer products across the following categories:

Fitness & Wellbeing
Hair & Beauty 
Kitchen & Dining
Home & Cleaning

LightInTheBox  provides customers worldwide with high-quality products at wholesale prices; straight from the manufacturer. Find a great selection of customized bridal gowns, special occasion dresses, electronics, cell phones, apparel, home products, accessories and more. We ship to customers from over 190 countries, and we're still growing.

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