The UK does not have as many business Suppliers as perhaps it should. However there are a lot of Brokers


The main reason I became a broker was to secure a direct contract on my clients behalf at a vastly reduced rates, therefore i undercut not only competitive brokers but also the renewal rates of clients who have a direct contract with their suppliers already.

Don't be fooled into renewing with anyone 12 mths early,  as the price you signed up for can and does change. To secure a price that will still be there when your contract goes live you should only renew 6mths before your existing contract end date.

To get a price all you need to do is :-

Find your Electricity Mpan ( thats the two sets of numbers on your invoice after the big fat S NB it will start with either 01  03  05  06  etc) If your mpan starts with 02 or 04 then you actually have a domestic meter, if this is the case please contact me urgently.

Find out what your annual usage is, you can move with out it but you will end up paying the wrong amount, and the price that i can get you will not be the best as yes rates are different depending on what your usage it for the year.

Provide your full company name, address and contact details

Once we have the above a price can be given to you with in an hour or so, However and this is the bit that is silly, wrong and naughty but unfortunately this is the energy market the price i give you may only be there for 24 hrs.. Price's change at the drop of a hat. 

Contact Nicky on 01773 591 791 or email for a price