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Chemist 4 U - Your Online Pharmacy and Online Chemist

Chemist 4 U is a popular UK online pharmacy that provides a broad range of treatments.


Their aim is to meet and exceed all your expectations of an online chemist. In order to do this, they offer a huge choice on everything from vitamins, beauty, dental, sexual wellbeing, prescriptions, and much more. This way they are not only an online chemist, but also attempt to go the extra mile with a rich and varied product range.

An online chemist know's price is an important factor, which is why they provide competitive pricing across the board. Additionally, they have consistent promotions on their products and offer a sales/special offer section.

Dedicated Helpline 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Free Delivery on all orders over £30

Connect with a pharmacist
Just like walking in to your local pharmacy! You can ask their registered  pharmacists anything you like online and they will reply personally as soon as  possible.

ChemistDirect are the UK’s largest online healthcare and pharmacy business, providing quick and affordable delivery of tens of thousands of health and beauty products, and a suite of wellbeing services including confidential consultations with in-house GPs and advice from its team of fully qualified pharmacists.

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World Fitness UK

As one of the UK’s leading fitness communities, World Fitness engages over 2.5 million followers with the encouragement and challenges they need to carve out their own stories and health-focused lifestyles.


In 2019, it merged with Germany’s largest fitness convention, World Fitness Day, to form WFX, a pioneering social-first fitness brand led by your passions, and driven by three core values: power, mindfulness and endurance.

Dr. Ed is the brain child of our resident Neuroscientist and was founded on two core ideas.


The first is that top-quality CBD products should be available to everyone.

The second, is that our products are always formulated based on the results of the latest peer-reviewed cannabinoid research.


Over the last year we have focussed on producing world-class CBD products of unparalleled purity; ensuring consistency between batches and traceable ingredients.


The Best Ingredients

Only the best ingredients create the best final product. We use all-natural Hemp directly from California, grow by our closely regulated farmers who grow without the use of pesticides or other nasty chemicals. That’s why if you choose Dr. Ed, you are choosing the best.

Unrivalled Products

As one of the leading CBD experts in the UK, we set a high bar when it comes to consistent and high-purity product creation. Our precise mixing methods ensures the CBD and ingredient concentration you see on our product labels is what you receive. We provide full lab reports for every batch we create so you can make the most informed decision about your purchases.

Relxnow UK

RELX is a fast-growing e-cigarette company, blending innovative technology, cutting-edge design, and a world-class flavor science.


The goal is simple: to create a superior vape experience that actually satisfies smokers.

Their core business extends to e-cigarette and vape tech R&D, product design, and sales. With a strong direct-to-consumer online platform, RELX now makes next-generation e-cigarette technology accessible to adult smokers around the world

Brand new honeycomb ceramic atomizing Softer and smoother pulls

Innovative ceramic atomizing technology, with e-liquid 360° wrapped, for authentic flavor rendering and fresher throat feel

 Cytoplan UK

Cytoplan is a unique science-based supplement company exclusively supplying the needs of health care professionals and their patients. Cytoplan was founded in 1990, by practitioners with many years experience in nutrition science. 

Their emphasis is on quality, innovation and efficacy of product and Cytoplan has been a leader in the field of food-based supplementation for many years. Working closely with Doctors and scientists to produce products, which are highly bio-effective, truly innovative and backed by research and studies. They have a reputation for quality, integrity, innovation and excellent service.


Is the UK's first truly recognised online clinic.


It allows users to access online doctor services and based on the diagnoses, patients can then purchase medication via the website.

Free Next Day Delivery, Registered Pharmacy and Doctors, MHRA and CQC approved

ShytoBuy UK

ShytoBuy is the UK’s leading online retailer for sexual health and lifestyle products.


Its mission to help people treat embarrassing problems has remained unchanged. ShytoBuy has developed a reputation based on supplying high quality products and providing unrivalled customer support.

SuperSmart UK

With over 25 years’ experience in the food supplements market, our focus remains on providing top quality products which are scientifically validated. 

The Supersmart portfolio includes:

 A wide range of food supplements and vitamins

Products at the forefront of medical research
Pharmaceutical quality, optimal dosages and most effective forms

Raw materials that meet an ethical charter, aimed at respecting the environment and favouring local and eco-responsible economies

Reliable information and advice on dietary supplements and your health

Continuous search for the best value for money

Dewty Beauty

Dewty Beauty. Has been created to target all of women’s biggest beauty hang ups, Dewty Beauty have released the all-in-one answer to your skincare prayers.


Containing a hefty dose of 6.4g of collagen daily, the monthly subscription Glow Stick holds some impressive clinical claims, with a taste that stands out miles from other collagen products on the market.

Clinical claims Proven to have a greater impact on wrinkle reduction than topical products.

Influences the skin’s collagen metabolism directly from the inside, increasing skin’s moisture and delaying the formation of wrinkles.

A study with 100 women aged 25-50 showed that taking 2.5g per day significantly decreased the appearance of cellulite after 3 months of supplementation.

75% of women perceived their nails to be longer, whilst 71% said they grew faster and remained stronger.

A study conducted with 100 women aged 45-65 showed that taking 2.5g of digestible collagen per day significantly reduces wrinkles after 4 weeks.


Free Soul is an online female focused wellness retailer with sales in over 35 countries worldwide founded by International Fitness Social Media Sensation – Stefanie Williams.


In just over a year in a half, they have developed a category leading female-focused brand that specialises in nutritionist formulated protein blends that combine protein with unique vitamin and adaptogenic blends in the perfect proportions for the female body.


They have served tens of thousands of women across the globe, and have won several awards for our innovation, from brand awards to free-from ingredient awards.

Doctor 4 U

Doctor-4-U are the newest Online Doctor which is operated by qualified doctors and pharmacists who offer a confidential service providing genuine medicines at affordable prices.

All orders are paid for online using the secure payment service, then delivered to the customer’s home or work address.

The services on offer include:

Travel Clinic - Malaria Pills, Diarrhoea Pack and Jet Lag Treatment
Sexual Health - Chlamydia Gonorrhoea Tests, HIV Saliva Test and Chlamydia
Herpes Treatments
Treatment Services for Men - Impotence Treatment, Premature Ejaculation (Including Fortacin as an exclusive) and Hair-loss treatment
Treatment Services for Women - Oral Contraception, Emergency
Contraception, Cystitis Treatment and Cervical Cancer Vaccination
Pain Clinic - Wide range of opioid and NSAIDs pain relief
Insomnia Clinic - Offering a wide range of temporary sleep solution



Pacamask’s double anti-bacterial layer with Silver Ion technology kills 99% of bacteria whilst looking great.

  • Reusable for up to 50 washes

  • Kills 99% of bacteria and protects against viruses

  • Easy breathing and lightweight

  • Designed For durability & comfort